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Spring Core

Spring Framework

Spring Framework is most widely used, open source, J2EE framework. It was initially created by Rod Johnson with the first release on June 2003 with Apache 2.0 Licence. Now, there is a large community which supports this framework. Spring is modular in nature. You can use the component which you require in your project. Be it Spring Core, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Spring REST, Spring Integration or newly added Spring Boot, Spring Cloud modules.

Spring Modules

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Spring IOC container and beans

Spring Framework harness power from its ability to do Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming. Depedency injection is the process where objects define their dependecies on ther objects via constructor arguments, setter method, factory methods and properties that are set on the object instance. The container is responsible for injecting those dependencies when it creates those beans. This could also be implemented through Service Locator pattern.

Below are some of the Spring Core examples.

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