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Spring JDBC RowMapper example

In this post, we will discuss what RowMapper is and how to use it when writing Jdbc code using Spring JDBC module.

What is RowMapper?

It is an interface of Spring JDBC module which is used by JdbcTemplate to map rows of java.sql.ResultSet. It is typically used when you query data.

Example usage of RowMapper

Let's first create a RowMapper which can map products.

class ProductRowMapper implements RowMapper {

    public Product mapRow(ResultSet rs, int rowNum) throws SQLException {
      Product product = new Product();
      return product;

Now, we will use this ProductRowMapper in #queryForObject of JdbcTemplate.

Product product = jdbcTemplate.queryForObject("select * from product where id=1", new ProductRowMapper());;

You can find the github code here.

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