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Spring Core - Java configuration example

In this post, we will create a spring context and will register bean via Java configuration file. You can see my previous post on how to create a simple spring core project.

What is @Configuration annotation?

@Configuration annotation indicates that there is one or more bean methods and spring containers can process to generate bean definitions at runtime. Also, @Bean annotation is used at method level to signifies that this will be registered as bean in spring context. Let's create a quick configuration class.

public class WelcomeGbConfig {

  GreetingService greetingService() {
    return new GreetingService();

Now, we will create spring context as follows.

// using try with resources so that this context closes automatically
try (ConfigurableApplicationContext context = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext(
      WelcomeGbConfig.class);) {
  GreetingService greetingService = context.getBean(GreetingService.class);

1) we created the spring context.
2) We got the bean from context.
3. We call greet() on bean object.

This is how you can use configuration file (Java based) to define bean and being processed by spring context. You can also find the full example code on Github.

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